Transport and care aids

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Comfy cone - tan

Soft, comfortable head collar to aid in healing
From Rp30 incl tax

Mikki Dog Boot

Simple and convenient way to protect your dog's paw when injured, and to prevent them from tearing off dressings
From Rp9 incl tax

Mikki double toothbrush

For healthy teeth and gums. Two different shaped heads, suitable for all pet sizes
Rp8 incl tax

Mikki handi feeder

An effective way of feeding fluids and medication to small or young animals
Rp8 incl tax

Mikki Helping Hands Support

Effective post-operative support for back legs & spine
From Rp19 incl tax

Mikki mothering / hand feeding kit

For feeding young or unwell puppies, kittens and baby animals
Rp8 incl tax

Mikki nursing kit

Re-usable kit for hand feeding newborn and orphaned small animals
Rp7 incl tax

Mikki oral hygiene kit

Oral hygiene kit that fits over your finger for ease of use
Rp6 incl tax